Engineer, midwesterner, unironically self-described post-rationalist searching for whimsy.

Interested in:

- electronics manufacturing, semiconductors, solid-state sensors, control theory

- megacities, urbanism, geopolitics, narrative history

- indie music, guitar, scotch, rock climbing

Feel free to reach out to me by email if you'd like to chat.

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Recent Posts

Elia Kazan's 'A Face In The Crowd'

You've got to be a saint to stand the power that box gives you.

I avoid my intuition, it’s usually wrong

Intuition easily justifies the bad assumptions that thrive in our knowledge gaps.

Jenga Blocks

Things fall apart, so we must rebuild them.

Ecosystem Effect

A first-principle formalism of a high-level technology strategy that enabled Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Uber to dominate markets. Co-authored by Niraj Pant.

Notes on Visionaries

A visionary works to shape current reality to fit their understanding of the future. This requires almost absolutely radical, yet informed, confidence.